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Apprenticeship Information

Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) offer anyone aged over 16 who is currently in paid employment, workplace training and on-the-job learning in order to gain new and enhanced skills which are fully recognised and accredited by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).


Please visit the following websites to find out more about apprenticeships in Scotland:


To view the apprenticeship information leaflet click here



Industry information

To view the latest stats regarding the food & drink industry in Scotland please click here


To view a career map for the food and drink industry please click here


Equality & Diversity

SDS are improving our perception of equality, to that end you can undertake a RACE test using the link below and following the instructions.


Register and change the country from U.S. to U.K.

Go to demonstration tests

Click Knowing this I wish to proceed

Take A demo test


Click to begin the test

Take the test.


There should be a certificate or results page at the end for you to print out and keep for your records. 




To view the updated  Equalities Action Plan for Modern Apprenticeships please click the link below