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Modern Apprenticeships - Scotland

VQ / Modern Apprenticeship Training

Vocational Qualifications (SVQ’s) are work-based alternative methods of skill development and qualification achievement. Delivered as part of the Government Apprenticeship/Modern Apprenticeship programme they comprise of learning and development modules that fill the gap left by the traditional Apprenticeship schemes and re-enforce the core skills that employers have identified as essential in today’s work force. VQ’s aim to certify competence of practical skills in a chosen occupational area.

Scottish or National Vocational Qualifications – SVQ for short are qualifications that guarantee that people can do their jobs to national standards. Scottish Bakers award the VQs in partnership with SQA and Improve the Food & Drink Sector Skills Council. The qualifications are open to people of all ages at any stage of their careers, and there are no formal entry requirements to start.

Vocational Qualifications / Apprenticeships in Food and Drink Operations

Level 2

9 units and 5 Core Skills at Intermediate 1

- This qualifiction is for staff wishing to enhance their skills and gain formal recognition for the job they do

Level 3

10 units and 5 Core Skills at Intermediate 2

- This qualification is for experienced members of staff who wish to enhance existing skills and show they are capable of handling extra responsibility in the workplace

NFDT can offer a variety of on the job learning opportunities. There are currently two levels of Food and Drink Operations Vocational Qualifications. By offering these qualifications at the different levels we can cover all aspects of Food and Drink manufacture – from the processing and production stage to actually baking bread, creating bakery products, serving customers at the counter and maximising sales, working in the distribution areas or even staff who are out and about delivering to customers. For more experienced staff there are a range of level 3 qualifications covering areas within Technical, Supply Chain, Craft Bakery, Management skills and Food Manufacture Excellence.

These are very flexible qualifications and can actually be tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements, or to cover a specific job role. The qualifications are broken down into individual units, a small number of which are mandatory units, covering areas such as food safety and a larger number of optional units covering more specialised skills and knowledge.

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