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Other Training

As part of our training offer we also operate the following short courses:


Food Safety

Our Hygiene & Safety Food Handlers (HS1) course is designed to comply with legislation and to give employees an overview on the requirements of keeping food and themselves safe. It will explain the importance of food safety and hygiene control measures including PPE and the consequences if things go wrong. It will explain how to be more aware of potential food risks and workplace hazards, and demonstrate how to improve hygiene and reduce hazards when handling food. For more information please click here



FME (Bite Sized Chunks) - 1-day sessions

We also offer a series of workshops providing an introduction to Food Manufacturing ExcellenceAt the end of these sessions you will have been introduced to :-


  • The purpose of Food Manufacturing Excellence (FME) qualifications
  • Concepts of Managing Organisational Change for Achieving Excellence in a Food Environment
  • Tools & Techniques of FME including Lean Manufacturing & 6 Sigma
  • How to Implement a Problem Solving Methodology for Achieving Excellence in a Food Environment
  • How to Diagnose Problems in a Food Environment
  • Potential options for further development


For more information regarding FME Bite Sized Chunks workshops click here for workshop content click here