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Teams are more productive and motivated as a result of FME training. 

Cath Boreland, Highland Spring

I really enjoyed doing the Food Sales and Service Skills course and it just proves your never to old to learn.

Carol Gallagher, Nicola's Pantry

Ashers Baking Co has benefitted tremendously from enrolling its apprentice bakers on the IPQ courses provided by NFDT. We now have an enthusiastic and skilled team that can help our company grow and develop.

Daniel, Ashers Baking Co, Northern Ireland

The courses taken by our staff have been delivered in a very professional and supportive way without any interruption to the smooth running of the business. It has proved a very cost effective way of allowing our bakers to gain more knowledge and skills. I am very pleased with the way my staff have improved in confidence and ability and we are keen to progress and train more employees in the future.  

Dorothy, Hazelmere Café and Bakery

Our staff have gained a lot during the last 12 months while completing their level 2 apprenticeships with National Food & Drink Training. The training provided by NFDT has given our staff much more confidence in their work and making daily production decisions. We believe in providing our staff the training needed to grow and develop, so we can progress with well-trained team members.

Seuranie, Rose the Bakers

Initially I thought I wouldn't be good at it, but as soon as I got started I got right into it. I really enjoyed working on the units and got all the support i needed from my Training Advisor.

Debbie, Thomas Auld & Sons Ltd

I would advise anyone considering an SVQ to think about the benefits it could have on their career. It is a great opportunity with excellent support and resources available. I would definitely recommend the SVQ courses run by NFDT, they provide great opportunities for learning.

Katie, Loch Fyne Oysters

We wanted our staff to undertake training as we felt they would benefit from a structured training course from a reputable training provider with a very good understanding of the industry. NFDT qualifications attained by our emloyees are recognised by outside auditors who can see we are committed to staff training and development. The fact there is no cost to the business other than the time provided to allow our employees to carry our their course work is a fantastic benefit.


We feel that courses such as Food Manufacturing Excellence (FME) is a great learning opportunity for empoyees within the business and the company will benefit greatly.

Highland Spring

“It has helped me to understand why situations have occurred prior to this training, and now I feel I will be able to do my job more efficiently and hopefully more successfully.”

Sarah, Ray’s Craft Bakery