Food & Drink Operations

Manufacturing & Production

Level 2 Diploma (FDQ)

The Food and Drink Operations apprenticeship is an integrated programme of knowledge and skills acquisition, developed alongside core behaviours expected of a competent operative operating in a commercial setting.

Course Details

Operations in food or drink manufacturing and processing are wide ranging and typically include the production of snack foods, convenience ready meals, confectionery and chocolate, baked goods, sandwiches, fresh and prepared produce, beverages and alcoholic drinks, amongst many other types of product.

This qualification is designed for learners who wish to develop intermediate skills and knowledge in food and drink manufacturing/processing operations. Learners will work towards compliance standards which will confirm occupational competence in job roles.

It is designed to support achievement of the Apprenticeship Standard for the Food and Drink Process Operator Apprenticeship. However, learners may wish to achieve this qualification outside of an apprenticeship programme where this better meets their learning and development needs.

Qualification content:

This qualification contains mandatory knowledge and competency units in areas including the principles of manufacturing practice. This includes the operator's role and the importance of standard operating procedures; food safety and HACCP; product quality and the operator's role in maintaining it; health, safety and environmental standards; product changeovers and task handovers; continuous improvement and measuring performance of processes.

Learners and their employers must also select at least one unit from a range of optional competency units, according to their job role. These units ensure occupational competency in a variety of fundamental operator skills, for example, following standard operating procedures (SOPs), using equipment safely, cleaning equipment effectively and fault finding to ensure manufacturing efficiency. Learners may exceed the minimum number of units and credits required from this optional group, but additional units will not contribute towards the final qualification grade.

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National Food and Drink Training (NFDT) was established in 2015 as a rebrand of Scottish Bakers training provision. This was a direct result of the strengthening of its portfolio to include lean manufacturing techniques and the delivery of the new Food Manufacturing Excellence (FME) qualifications.

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